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Dana Tavares LMT

Sylvia Tavares Reiki Teacher Practitioner


New Clients. This is your resource page for contact information, policies, and intake forms.


All sessions are by appointment only. The easiest way to book your appointment is thru our booking service using the link on our site. Otherwise you may call us directly.

You will receive by email a  confirmation “Request for Appointment” with your tentitive day and appoinment time. This means your appointment request has been penciled in our  calender.

New Clients (only), You are asked on your confirmation to fill out a pre-massage COVID check two days ahead of your appointment. A link is provided on your confirmation. Use the link that take you to our pre-massage COVID questionnaire.  This is important because your appointment will not be confirmed until we receive your completed form.

Once completed and reviewed your final confirmation will be emailed to you.

Also listed on your confirmation is a link specific to your appointment should you need to reschedule or cancel.

This resource page provides links to our new client intake forms, insurance forms (if applicable) and other useful information.

You may print and fill out your intake form ahead of your session and bring it in with you.


Use our Online Booking Link


Receive "Request for Appointment" confirmation


Use link to fill out your pre-massage COVID check in information


Receive your appointment Confirmation

Soothe Your Body & Spirit

General Information

Please reschedule if you are experiencing any new cold/flu/allergy symptoms.

***Please do not wear perfumes, essential oils, or scented lotions/body wash etc.***

Please arrive on time. It is not necessary to arrive any more than 5 minutes early. Ample time for checking in is provided aside from your treatment time.

Cancellation Policy

We appreciate 24 hrs notice of schedule changes. We charge a $45.00 fee for missed appointments. (charges may be waived for illness, unsafe weather conditions or accidents) In some instances a missed appointment fee may be waived if we can re-schedule you later the same week and we’ve had enough advanced notice to accomodate our schedule for that day.

Special Needs

Our office is located on the first floor. Please let us know ahead of time if you have any special needs. If you are coming in post surgery or have recently had been involved in an accident, it would be most helpful to have details ahead of time that we may plan the best approach to serving you.

TLC Covid Safety Info

We take the Covid19 virus very seriously and strive to maintain a safe environment and experience for everyone.

Special COVID safety measures. By now we all know what to look out for with Covid symptoms. As Covid symptoms may often begin like allergy symptoms or a simple cold, we ask that you Please reschedule if you are experiencing elevated temperature, runny nose, cough, difficulty breathing, or any other unusual symptoms for you.

You may be requested to wear a mask but typically this is left to your preference. As your practitioner I may at times wear a mask as circumstances warrant.


New Client Intake Forms

Intake forms are required for all TLC clients. A link to our short online HIPPA compliant form will be sent to you via E-mail when you set up your first appointment. Please keep a look out for this and complete it at your earliest convenience before your appointment.

 Informed Consent Forms

Informed constent forms, like your new client intake form, will be emailed when you choose additional therapies such as Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and Holistic Mind Body Therapy.


Insurance Forms

(only for approved insurance coverage)

Workers Comp generally pays LMTs without any problem. A referral from your doctor is necessary. Personal injury often pays claims from LMTs thru your lawyer.

Major Medical is a lot more difficult. We do our best to verify coverage but cannot guarantee it. You will be responsible to cover claims denied. We will require a picture or copy of your insurance card and a referral, in most cases, from your doctor. If you call your insurance company to verify your coverage for massage therapy you need to specifically ask if they cover massage therapy, if you need a referral, and if they pay directly to LMTs or if you have to pay and then file for reimbursement. You should also ask about your deductible and co-insurance requirements.

TLC Privacy Statement   (print for your records)
Blank_reciept_of_privacy_notice   (print, fill out, bring in)
Assignment of Benefits, Records Release, Payment Agreement (print, fill out, bring in)
TLC_HIPAA_Authorization_Form  (print, fill out, bring in)

TLC Membership

Membership is a way to help keep you on track with your wellness goals. It also helps us plan our schedules to favor your membership. This is especially important during the busy season and for those hard to get late afternoon or Saturday morning appointments. It works best when you set a regular day and time for your weekly, biweekly, or monthly appointments, especially if you need a specific time slot.

Membership Enrollment Form will be sent to you on request. There are a limited number of memberships available. A wait list is available for the next available if the current limit has been met.

  • Membership is billed  via JaneClinic the 1st of each month $75.00   This may be paid online, or simply wait until your session. The billing is more a reminder for you and for us regarding your membership. When you pay for your session we will apply your payment towards your membership.
  • You have the option of auto-pay, or pay when you come in ( as stated above), but must be paid each month to keep your membership active. This means, if you do not come in for at least one appointment during the month, and do not pay your membership online, your membership will cancel.
  • To reinstated a canceled membership your first month is billed at regular rates, then your membership kicks in the following month. (pending availability)
  • Memberships may be cancelled at any time, or may be paused while away or when other circumstances dictate.
  • Members receive priority scheduling and recurring scheduled appointments. Membership covers everyone in your household.
  • Insurance not applicable to membership
  • Additional info on our New Client Resource Page

Keeping regular with your wellness goals often results in far better outcomes. For one, there us usually much less to have to work thru acumulated over time, so you get more from your session overall. Two, there is often less to none soreness from deep tissue massage as your body learns to receive more freely. Three, every session is ususally different in subtle but often profound ways. Your bodys familiarity and comfort towards treatment (gained with regular sessions) often allows a deeper exploration of underlying issues that results in improved outcomes.