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Do you suffer from chronic health complaints that seem to have no answer such as arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, migraines, constipation, skin issues? Are you concerned that medications only seem to make things worse?
Have you wondered why your friend can eat everything in front of her and not gain a pound, while all you have to do is look at it and gain weight? Or how about the friend who eats the healthiest of foods, exercises regularly, but still developed cardiovascular disease and couldn’t keep his weight under control?

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You’ve probably noticed there are hundreds of diets, and dieting books, out there. Some diets seem to work great for some people fine and for others they don’t help a bit. Sounds confusing doesn’t it? Nutrition has confused even the best of the researchers, doctors, and nutritionist for years. Nutritional supplements are the most studied of any substance but yet consensus remains elusive. On one day we are told vitamin C is good for us only to later hear that it isn’t, grains are good / grains are bad, high fat diets are bad, low fat, high carbohydrate diets are best. Yikes!

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The truth is we are as different on the inside as we are on the outside. Our nutritional requirements are as individual as our fingerprints, unique from person to person. When we eat according to our own metabolic needs we have the building blocks for optimal health. A potato or tomato may be perfect for one person, but cause arthritic symptoms in another. It’s all about matching your body with the right foods for your Metabolic Type®

How Can Metabolic Typing ® help with health issues?  We are born with the intelligence built into each cell to be well. Each system in our body is designed to promote health. When we avoid, or take away, the things that impede this process, and provide proper nutrients in the correct amounts to promote health, you will optimize those systems.


The Healthexcel system of Metabolic Typing ® is a proven method to optimize your health thru which you may:

Prevent and  support your body to reverse chronic disease
♦ Optimize physical energy and mental clarity
♦ Normalize your weight
♦ Strengthen Immunity
♦ Slow down the aging process
♦ Reduce anxiety and stabilize mood swings and depression
♦ Control food cravings and feel satisfied from your meals.


What is Metabolic Typing ®?

Metabolic Typing ® is a systematic, testable, and verifiable methodology spanning over 30 years of research and clinical application. Metabolic Typing ® combines the wisdom of the ancient systems of medicine with our modern scientific understanding of physiology and biochemistry. Metabolic Typing® is not a remedy, or a treatment, but a process of listening to, and responding to, your own body and giving it exactly what it requires.  Though the science of Metabolic Typing may be complicated, actually using Metabolic Typing is very simple.

 Standard nutritional approaches fail to recognize that, for genetic reasons, people are all very different from one another on a biochemical or metabolic level. Due to widely varying hereditary influences, we all process or utilize foods and nutrients very differently. Thus, the very same nutritional protocol that supports optimal health for one individual can have opposite results for another. As the ancient Roman philosopher Lucretius once said, “One man’s food is another man’s poison”. As it turns out, this statement is quite literally true.

Our bodies have genetically-based requirements for specific kinds of foods and balances of nutrients in order to produce optimal energy and functioning a state of optimal health. If we meet these design requirements we can expect to be healthy, energetic, fit and trim. Failure to obtain on a regular basis the kinds of foods our bodies are designed to utilize will initially produce many of the typical health concerns we see such as weight gain, constipation, headaches, high cholesterol levels, etc. A long-term deficiency of the right foods for the Metabolic Type® will lead to degenerative conditions like asthma, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Today, our standard medical approach to these conditions is to treat the symptom, not the cause. However the reality of metabolic individuality demands that the person who has the disease, not the disease that has the person, be treated. Instead of thinking in terms of treating disease, we must learn to think in terms of building health, meeting and optimizing genetic functional capacity by addressing the needs of each individual’s, Metabolic Type ®.

Often people come to me because they their doctor told them they need to lose weight. It is commonly believed that a person needs to lose weight to become healthy. We see it a little differently. We want to help you become healthy to lose weight. People don’t die from being overweight, they die from what is causing them to be overweight! This is where the process must begin.


How Do I Determine My Metabolic Type ® ?

Make an appointment at our office for your Metabolic Type® assessment & health consultation available by phone, internet, or at my office by calling (207) 563-2737. This (approximately 20 minute) consultation is free of charge and will review your individual status, explain about Metabolic Typing®, and help determine if this is appropriate for you at this time.

Step by step instructions will be provided for a very simple process of completing a online computerized questionnaire and evaluation. Once your assessment comes back (usually within 48 hrs.) I will arrange your report of results consultation.

The Basic Approach

When your report comes in and prior to your report of results consultation you will be provided:

♦ Metabolic Type ® Assessment Report: Your personalized guideline to understanding your Metabolic Type ®.
♦ Food Chart: Easy to use, one-page color-coded comprehensive list of ideal foods and those which are undesirable specific to your individual Metabolic Type ®.
♦ Food List & Guidelines: How to combine and portion your ideal foods, beverages, and snacks.
♦ A 5-Day Sample Meal Plan: To help you get started. (no food weighing, measuring, or counting calories required).
♦ Supplement Program: Nutritional supplements designed specifically for your Metabolic Type ®.
♦ Diet Record Sheets: to help monitor your progress and to fine tune your program for optimum results.
♦ Shopping Guidelines: To help you select the highest quality foods and help you navigate the complexities of food additives, deceptive labeling, and ingredients that can rob your health.
♦ Cooking Guidelines: To help you preserve the nutritional integrity of your foods.


The More Comprehensive Approach

Complete Support System 12- Week Metabolic Typing Diet® Program

 The Advanced Metabolic Typing Diet® Program:  includes all materials listed in the (above) MT Advanced Program, 1-hour of personal phone consultation or in person consultation to help you get started, and ongoing guidance over a 3-month period (via email or SKYPE) to help you get the right footing with your program. Comprised of all the information in the above package plus a wealth of support information to help you be a success with your program including articles, health tips, lifestyle tips, and help with potential blocks to your success. click here to see detailed program information). The Advance Program is designed to be a metabolic balancing program. Over the 12-week period I will send, via email, ongoing support educational material in PDF and video format. This program provides you with your Metabolic Assessment®, support materials (sent by PDF via email and video. A hard copy manual can be provided for an additional fee), A bi-weekly 30 minute personal consultation (via phone, internet, or in person) and unlimited free email consultation is provided during this period.

TLC Metabololic Typing 12-Week Program

What Does All This Cost?

The pay as you go approach:
Metabolic Typing ® Assessment/Report/Initial Consultation Only:  includes all support documents required to get you going with your assessment, report of findings report and support documents, and report of findings consultation (aprox 1-hr consultation), $175.00. Additional consultation (if required) by phone, Skype, or in person, at $60.00 per hour ($15.00 per 15 minutes) as needed.

The Package Price (best option)  TLC 12-Week Support Program Including the Advanced Metabolic Assessment ®, bi-weekly Installments of Educational Materials via PDF, over 3- hours of video tutorial that you may view 24/7 as many times as you like to help you be successful with your program, 1-hr. Personal Consultation and 3-Months Unlimited Email Support, all for only $550.00  (payment options available).This program is designed to give you the support you need, when you need it, to optimize your success. click here to see detailed program information)

Metabolic Typing® works 100% of the time with 100% of the people when the principles are correctly applied. It has helped thousands of people in 17 countries.

WHY DO I NEED A Metabolic Typing Advisor? 
The Metabolic Typing Diet, more accurately described as the Metabolic Typing Ecological Lifestyle Program, is a self-help program, but not a do-it-yourself program. After working with many clients over Dana fitness web optimizedthe past several years it is very clear those most successful with our program are those who are committed to working it. If your state of health is not where you want it to be you cannot expect to turn this around by continuing with the choices that got you where you are now, and this kind of change usually cannot be very successful without help. How many people start with reasonable goals only to fail because they got stuck, or hung up, on some simple issue that otherwise could have been worked thru with a little help? Well, that’s what we will avoid by being here when you need a little support. That’s my job, to help coach you thru the process. Not to tell you what to do, but to help you with what your own body knows best.
      ♦ Our approach to MT is the best, most accurate and most comprehensive in the world. 
      ♦ We are the originators and the world leaders  in the field. 
      ♦ We have over 30 years of experience, hundreds of thousands of users, and a knowledge base comparable to none. 
       ♦ MT necessitates accessibility to proper guidance at every step as the process unfolds to provide direction, support, adjustments and customized recommendations
       ♦ MT requires proper understanding to achieve a successful outcome. Clients need to understand what is happening, why it happens, and what, if anything needs to be done about it. Without right understanding, successful fulfillment of the process is almost impossible.
    ♦ MT requires that a client be in close communication with a Certified MT Advisor on a regular basis


For More Information, or to discuss how Metabolic Typing®, or Functional Diagnostic Nutrition may benefit you:
You may contact me directly at; or thru our contact page; Contact Us. I can work with you in person or at a distance over the phone and computer. If you wish to work with me in person please call for an appointment at 207-563-2737