Massage FAQ

I have never had a professional massage. What will it be like?
I begin with each new client by asking you questions about what you would like to receive from your massage and questions about your current health status and health history. If there was a injury involved we will talk in detail about this and how it has effected you. This interview will help to identify any conditions for which massage is not appropriate. The interview will also help to set a direction for the type of massage that you would most benefit from.

Do I Need To Completely Undress?
Depending on your goals, and the plan of treatment agreed upon, you may not need to undress or undress fully, though it may be more comfortable for you to do so. For a full body Swedish massage, most people undress completely or just leave on their under pants. You may choose to undress to what ever level you are comfortable with. You will be left in private to undress and prepare for your massage. I employ professional draping at all times. Only the area being worked on will be uncovered.
At no times are the genitals, or female breast, massaged or exposed. Medical massage that includes lymph drainage or scar tissue work on the breast includes draping the areas not being worked.
Depending on your goals we may focus only on the associated areas of your complaint or you may wish to have a full body session with extra attention to the area/s of complaint.
You will be in control at all times. You may specify any areas in which you would prefer no massage, you will be encouraged to give feedback about the pressure being used or desired.

How Long Should I Plan For My Massage?  
A typical massage last for about 1 hour, however I do offer 1/2 hr, and 1-1/2 hr massage sessions. Add to your desired massage time a extra half hour that includes intake and getting dressed at the end of your session. I always provide your full hour (or other) on the table when possible. Your intake time is included in my fee. Please let me know ahead if you have a tight schedule that day so I can plan appropriately.

You Are In Control Of Your Session

You may terminate the massage at any time you wish without explanation, or request additional time ( providing my schedule will allow for unplanned additional time).


What Kind Of Massage Products Do You Use? I have Sensitive Skin.
I use both oils and lotions. You may request your preference if you wish. The products I use are of the highest grade and hypo allergic and organic as available. I use no harmful chemicals, artificial scents, colorings, parabens, or stabilizers. For most of my massage work I use a mixture of organic coconut oil with jojoba. I also use the finest in natural products from Pure Haven Essentials.

Does It Hurt To Receive A Massage?

You are in charge of how much pressure you want. I encourage your feed back at any time. Besides that, I remain highly focused throughout your massage and usually able to detect if I am beginning to work too deeply, or if I am in a tender area that requires me to alter my pressure. A massage session usually begins with relatively gentle pressure to calm your nervous system and begin releasing superficial tension. Gradually I begin to work more deeply to address specific areas. Working in the area of an injury or chronic pain may cause some discomfort but at no time should any pain be caused beyond your comfort level. I will adjust my work to the level you wish. There are many layers of muscles and tissue in the body. To apply proper treatment to deeper layers it is important to work slowly thru the layers as not to be painful. When an area is too tender for deep work there are other less discomforting techniques that may be employed such as gentle stretching, rocking, and using Reiki Healing Energy.
How Should I Prepare For My Massage? What Should I Wear?
If you have been involved in doing heavy work or sports activity before your session, it is appropriate to shower before you arrive. I do not have a shower facility available at my office. I ask that you do not wear perfume, cologne, scented body lotions, hair spray, essential oils, or any other scented products. If you smoke, I request you do not smoke on your way to my office. These courtesy’s are for me, but also for my many chemically sensitive clients to follow.
If you intend to return to work or have an appointment to attend after your session, the oils that I use absorb quickly and are not sticky. I can also be mindful of keeping your hair presentable. If you are not scheduled for something after your session then it may be a good idea to wear something comfortable. I have not seen any issue with oils staining clothing but I would recommend not wearing your favorite attire to your massage. 

If you wish to retain some clothing, say underwear for example, then choosing something that allows as much access as possible is preferable (depending on the work being done and your goals). I can work through clothing if you wish but this is not as effective. 
If you wear contact lenses, I recommend that you remove them before your massage for your comfort and safety. 
What Should I Do During The Massage?
Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and let out all the tension. Be like a rag doll. Let the table support you.  I will either move your arms and legs as needed or ask you to move when needed. It is your massage, whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time. There may be times in which you wish to talk, or laugh, or even cry. This is a safe place and your session is held in confidence.

What If I Am Self Conscious About My Body?

You are certainly not alone with this concern as most people are to a varying degree. Regardless of your size or shape or gender I am not judging you. I have well over 10 thousand hours of hands on massage time and have worked on many different types of bodies. I do this work because I love this work. I see the miracle of life in every person. When I am working I am looking below the surface, to your muscles, connective tissue, and bones. I am looking to see what muscles are tight and which are loose, what is the balance between opposing muscle groups, what is the range of motion and quality of the joints, where are the connective tissue restrictions, and so on. I am focused on observing how your body is responding to the massage, looking to identify where your pain or restriction is coming from, following the clues your body is providing. It is not uncommon that as we work together, as you become more aware of your body and how it responds to massage, to receive compassionate touch, and experience the miracle of healing, you may  start to see your body differently and in a new light. Massage therapy can be a medium for joy, awe, and appreciation of who we are.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have regarding massage therapy. I look forward to talking with you.