New Year 2022 Tree of Life Center Newsletter

New Year 2022 Newsletter Update

A new year, a new opportunity to reflect on what worked and what did not work for us last year, and opportunity to choose again differently for that we wish to bring forth. Of course we can always choose again at any time, but the first of the year seems to be a fitting place to start.

For me, 2021, more than any other period of time, really showed just how complex we humans are, and how resiliant we can be. But in terms of health, this past year made even more obvious how all encompassing we are in body, mind, and spirit. The effects on physical health from prolonged stress, isolation, and disruption to our normal way of living, could not be overlooked. It is thru this awareness we find our way back to health and happiness. Mental health professionals are working way past capacity as these stessors drag on. Secondary medial conditions are up thru all age groups. Now, more than ever, we need a truly functional approach that integrates allopathic medicine with complementary wellness professions that have served humanity very well for centuries. A system that integrates body, mind, and spirit, while honoring the long standing Hippocratic principle of “first do no harm”. We need to embrace modern science along with long proven holistic therapies, not in competetion, but in concert, for the best and highest good of our clients and patients.

At the Tree of Life Center for Wellbeing we are constantly building on these principles. We experience the incredible strength and wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit, with our clients as they call on their inherant capacity to heal and rise above their challenges. We grow with them as we are so honored to be apart of their process.

New at the Tree of Life Center

Energy Healing

         with Sylvia Tavares RTM

Our second treatment room is pretty much completed. Sylvia will now be offering her unique combination of skills with Usui Reiki, Allergy Antidotes ™, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Now Sylvia is also offering and the highly effective Cyberphysiology Techniques (a form of neurokinesis) for healing painful memories, and the physical symptoms they may perpetuate, in seconds.

Sylvia generally works with distance healing, however this beautiful new space provides another option for in-person healings.

We will be posting more detailed information on these techniqes over the coming weeks, so stayed tuned to our upcoming newsletters. This is definately something you will want to know about and experience.



Now you have the option of booking your next appoinment, checking status of your appointments, and changing your appointments, all online with our super easy and convenient online booking.

Of course you can still text or email us as well. We may have other time and day options for you.

The Often Overlooked Benefit Of Regular Massage

A large percentage of my clients come in because they are in pain.  Many of these cases are complicated involving significant muscle imbalances, long standing postural issues, gait and movement issues, repetitive work activities, referring nerve pains, as well as chronic health challenges such as fibromyalgia and CFS. Many of these people have run the gambit with doctors, specialist, therapies, drugs, and often many various test and evaluations. They have been told a lot of complicated medical theories. They are looking for answers, and more importantly, they want to feel better.

As a massage therapist I spend a lot of time studying and learning new ways to help. Massage training over the past 18 years I’ve been doing this has increasingly become more and more complex, delving deeper and deeper into how and why pain presents in the body, how our perceptions of pain are involved, the intricacies of biomechanical relationships in the body, neural patterning, golgi tendon organs, muscle proprioceptors, the mind body connection, and on and on.

Yes, massage therapy, with it all it offers, is a excellent healing modality that often works where conventional medicine does not. However, beyond the technical and advanced techniques of manual therapy, and beyond the immense benefit of safe, compassionate, caring, touch, there is a basic, powerful benefit from massage, that is often overlooked and under appreciated. It is the benefit of circulation, moving metabolic waste materials from the tissues and moving fluids, blood, oxygen, nutrients, into the tissues. This alone can support sigificant improvement in ones health and wellbeing.

Lets look briefly at just one aspect that can have a significant impact on how you feel and the quality of health overall, that is lactic acid.

lac•tic ac•id

a colorless syrupy organic acid produced in the muscle tissues during strenuous exercise.

a three-carbon organic acid produced by anaerobic respiration. L-Lactic acid in muscle and blood is a product of glucose and glycogen metabolism;

How does this translate to in how I feel or my overall health?

In terms of what I am writing about here, A temporary buildup of lactic acid can be caused by vigorous or prolonged exercise if your body doesn’t have enough available oxygen to break down glucose in the blood. This can cause a burning feeling in the muscle groups you’re using. It can also cause nausea, weakness, exhaustion/fatigue, muscle cramps, pain.

By definition “vigorous or prolonged exercise’ can mean different things for different people. Whats more important is “if your body doesn’t have enough available oxygen to break down glucose in the blood”. Lactic acid buildup occurs when there’s not enough oxygen in the muscles to break down glucose and glycogen. This is called anaerobic metabolism, where the cells start using the glycogen for creating energy more than using oxygen. Not only is this less effecient and create lower levels of energy output, it changes the cell environment more acid pH. It is this environment that is responsible for the symptoms you feel listed above.




e-Gift Cards at Tree of Life Center

NEW! E-Gift Cards from the Tree of Life Center for Wellbeing


A simple way to give a e-gift card for Massage and Reiki.

Purchase one or more sessions


Put any amount, $10 and up, on a card of your choice, for your favorite someone to use as they wish


Use this simple link:

This will take you to our E-Gift Card page (see below) Here you can scroll across to the card you wish to purchase, enter the amount you wish to pay, and put in the person and email address for them. How easy is that?

Massage $85.00 one hr, $115.00 for 90 min. (TLC members deduct $10 for each session. Use the custom field) (more about membership here:

Reiki with Sylvia $50.00 for 60 minutes.

Wishing you the very best in this Holiday Season!

Dana & Sylvia Tavares

TLC News Update 8.12.21

Tree of Life Center for Wellbeing Newsletter Update August 2021

In this Update

TLC Covid 19 Update (vaccinations, testing)

Membership (important reminder for members)



TLC Covid 19 Update

I imagine you are watching the news and see that once again Covid 19 infections are increasing in Maine, as elsewhere in the US. This time it’s largely the Delta variant and effecting younger people, especially the very young who are not yet able to get the vaccine. The data from around the Country seems pretty clear, those who’ve had the vaccine are less susceptible to Covid 19 and it’s variants. Although there is a relatively small percentage of “break through infections” meaning infections in those who have had both doses of the vaccine, they are much less likely to get seriously sick or die, or even wind up in the hospital. The disturbing news is however, even vaccinated people who become exposed to the virus can, for a short period of time, be able to transmit the disease. This is compounded by the fact there is often no symptoms in may individuals that would tip them off to the fact they’ve been infected. The potential risk for transmission is higher with these variants as well.

So what does this mean in terms of our office and policies. We are watching this closely, especially the spread in our area. Currently I am seeing new clients, many are from away visiting or have just moved here. I continue to require pre appointment Covid questionnaires completed. Most people I am seeing have completed both vaccines. However with the trend as it is I may have to implement even more precautions to keep everyone safe. This may include proof of vaccination for new clients or pre-appointment Covid testing. I am currently looking into having test kits available at the office that are 97% accurate, easy, comfortable, and only take 15 minutes for results. Currently anyone can purchase these kits at Walgreens. I’ve been using these for myself.

I am seeing the effects of the stress from all this in my clients almost daily. It’s difficult on so many levels for many people. Generally, almost everyone is grateful for the procedure’s I have in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.



TLC membership is turning out to be very popular and utilized. This is terrific as its a Win-Win for all. Priority care, cost savings, priority scheduling and recurring appointments, all appreciated by all. Shortly I will send out invitations to all members for access to my professional grade nutritional-herbal distributor where you, as a member, will have a great discount on hundreds of products including personal care.

Important reminder to all members however, if you haven’t set up recurring monthly appointments, do not wait until the last of the month to try and squeak in your appointment. This time of year, especially this year, is extremely busy and may be difficult to get the time slot you wish, or any time slot at all. Remember, one of the key reasons I established the membership is to prioritize your access to the services you rely on. If my calendar is showing openings, I’m going to fill them because I have to. Membership, when working as intended, prioritizes openings for you. But I need to see this in advance, so please don’t wait until the last week of the month to schedule your appointment and risk losing your membership if you haven’t paid your membership online but rather waiting until you come in.


Frequency Specific Microcurrents (FSM)

As more of my clients are experiencing or learning about  FSM the more popular and in demand its becoming. Great news, I’ve purchased a second frequency generator, something I’ve been wanting to do for many months now. This provides more options. First, I can run multiple protocols at once. Some frequencies that are believed to support your body to heal injuries such as disc, ligaments, muscle tissue, fascia, etc. take a significant amount of time running to be effective. Prior to getting the second frequency generator I could only run one set at a time, meaning if I am focusing on pain relief I couldn’t be tying up that generator with potential tissue healing frequencies. Now I can do both. Second, some injury protocols can take more than a hour to run. Now, with a second generator, I can spit the program and run both at once, shortening the time.

The third, and maybe the biggest advantage, I’m planning on setting up my second treatment room as a comfortable space for clients to come for FSM specifically without the expense of manual therapy included. This is especially important for someone in the initial phase of healing that requires 2-3 treatments a week for the first 1-2 weeks. This can make the difference between a faster and more complete recovery. My plan is not to have massage going on at the same time. The client would not need me to be present, but to be available. I would be in the office and ready to assist at any time. I’ll let you know more as the details come together.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying summer in Maine.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

Dana Tavares LMT


New Office Update

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know our new office is set up and ready to re-open. A important update however. At the last minute I located a even nicer office space than initially planned on . This is a far better suited space, on the first floor, with a separate waiting room and private bathroom!

Our new location is 19 Sheepscott Rd. Newcastle 04555 (less than a tenth of a mile, on the right, off route one near Newcastle Jeep dealership) 

I do not have a sign out yet, but just look for the Lavish hair salon. Our office is on the left side.

One last note. As I detailed in my last post, I will be changing my rate structure as of June 1st. I will be sending this info shortly.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the blossoming of Spring here in Maine! The Alwifes are in here at Damariscotta Mills and the wildlife is out in full force with the excitement this brings. Great place to bring your kids and your camera.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Be Well,