Homeopathy Study Group Series 2022


Homeopathy has been a game changer for our family for over the past 30 years. It has provided a safe way to support health and healing thru a wide range of health and first aid issues, saving us a lot of money on conventional medical care, and best of all avoided many of the complications of pharmaceutical drugs.

Sylvia & I will be starting a new series of Homeopathy Study Groups starting later this month on ZOOM. (Likely a Wednesday or Thursday evening, time and day to be determined with input from the group). This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of using this time proven natural medicine that is effective, safe, and without negative side effects.

We have hosted several of Joette Calabrese’s Gateway to Homeopathy Study groups in the past. They are fun and informative and help give you the info you need to begin using these safe, effective, and affordable natural remedies for your family and pets. You will also have access to Joette’s FaceBook Study group support page, and our homeopathy study group page on FaceBook, as well as resources on our web site.

Following the 1st study group join us for the new 5 week Gateway to Homeopathy 2 where we explore practical use of homeopathy in more detail. This is the newest study guide from Joette Calabrese, and new to us also.

As a very special BONUS this we will offer a 3-week study group on using Cell Salts, FREE for anyone joining either Study Goup 1 or 2! Though Cell Salts are produced homeopathically to a 6x potency, they work very differently as nano-particle essential building blocks for cellular function and repair. This is certainly a study group you will not want to miss.


Introduction to Homeopathy Level 1 Study Group at TLC

Chronic pain, seasonal and food allergies, skin issues, injuries, stress, headaches, gut issues, these are just some of the things that homeopathy can help by not only decreasing the symptoms, but actually supporting the innate wisdom of the body to uproot the issue entirely, based on the experiences of many individuals around the world over that last 200 years.

This is a terrific opportunity to learn the basics of what Homeopathy is and how to get started using it for acute and chronic illness, allergies, first aid, and much more.

Classes will be held on ZOOM (time and day will be determined when we find what works best for this group. Usually Wednesday or Thursday evenings 6:30-8:00 est,) 8 weeks.

Homeopathy was started over 200 years ago by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and was the mainstay medicine before the advent of synthetic pharmaceuticals. Around the turn of the century there were over 100 homeopathic hospitals and many medical doctors practicing homeopathy in the United States, and many more around the world. Germany, England, India,  France, and many other countries, continued relying on homeopathy even as pharmaceuticals became available, whereas in the US it fell out of popularity, mainly due to the AMA focus and promotion of synthetic pharmaceuticals, around 1930. Homeopathy is once again resurging in popularity as a safe and effective alternative to modern drugs with their dangerous side effects and high cost.

Many homeopathic medicines (remedies) are widely available over the counter and can be used to treat virtually any type of disease, allergy, or injury. There are no harmful or toxic side effects as with pharmaceuticals. They are safe for children and animals. Homeopathic medicines are regulated by the FDA and manufactured under strict guidance and regulations. Homeopathic remedies do not simply surpress the pain or symptoms as does pharmaceuticals, but actually support the body’s natural healing capacity to uproot and resolve the issue. Even long standing chronic issues can be addressed when properly used. Homeopathy is used worldwide, and often at the request of governments, for prevention and treatment of mass infections and disease outbreaks, with a outstanding record of success.

Our 8-week course is written by Joette Calabrese. Joette is a classically trained homeopath with years of experience. But even more importantly, for the past several years she has been traveling to Kolkata India to work and study with the Doctor’s Banerji, a family of medical doctors also classically trained in homeopathy, who together, over three generations of working with homeopathy, are world renowned for their ground breaking work in healing all types of disease and injuries with homeopathy. Today they see over a 1,000 patients a day in the worlds largest clinic of this type.

You will be learning what homeopathy is, how the medicines are made, how to choose the right medicines for you and your family, the difference between acute illness and chronic illness, and how homeopathy can address both. Also what to use during an emergency, where to buy homeopathic medicines, what to look for when selecting a source, how to know if you are using the correct medicines and when to select another, and much more extremely helpful information to get you started.

We will be meeting at our office and online via ZOOM, a very simple (free to you) web service,  so you can join in via internet, or phone from wherever you are. The study groups are a fun way to share our experiences and learn how to get started with homeopathy and have support of our growing community of students.

The course book is ordered thru Joette’s at least two weeks ahead of the first class to allow for shipping and homework before the group starts. Joette currently has a special discount price on her workbook $58.23 + shipping until May 15th. Regular price is $62.89 + shipping. Order Here

 In addition, our hosting fee is $50.00 for the full study group. Our hosting fee can be paid by credit card online at: www.paypal.com using our info; treeoflifecenter@roadrunner.com. Or may be paid weekly over the course of study.

The course book will be a important reference guide for you now, and in the future, to refer to for as you begin your journey with homeopathy. Along with the workbook you will have permanent access to the student resource page on Joettes web site. This includes Joettes blog,  videos, and many helpful articles. You will have access to our Tree of Life Center Study Goup private Facebook page to interact and learn from each other and our previous group member who continue to learn and share along with us. We also have a resource section on our www.center4wellbeing.com site. After successful completion of study group  you will receive a certificate of completion allowing you direct access to OHMpharma, a top homeopathic pharmacy only available to homeopathic practitioners and students that includes a 15% discount on all your orders. (Certificate of completion is not a certificate or diploma for professional practice).

What Is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is natural medicine. It is completely science based. Homeopathy was the prime method of medicine before the advent of pharmaceuticals. The United States alone had over a hundred homeopathic hospitals with some of the most notable doctors in the country at the turn of the century. Homeopathy proved far more effective against major disease outbreaks during this time than all other methods, including pharmaceuticals, with virtually no harmful side effects. It was only after the American Medical Association (backed by the pharmaceutical companies) convinced the public the new drugs were superior did Homeopathy lose its position of status.

“Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is fundamentally different from conventional (allopathic) medicine.  Whereas allopathic medicine focuses on suppression of symptoms, homeopathy seeks to correct the underlying imbalance that caused the symptoms in the first place. Homeopathy achieves this by strengthening the body’s own defenses, thereby allowing the body to heal itself”. (Joette Calabrese)

“Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health. It is extremely safe to use, even with very small children and pets, has none of the side effects of many traditional medications, is very affordable, is made from natural substances, and is FDA regulated.” (http://www.homeopathycenter.org/)


Click HERE to  watch a short video.

  The Study Group

The purpose of the homeopathic study groups is to teach what homeopathy is and how to use this for yourself and family, and as a group, to learn together. Sylvia and I together, or (independently at times) will be hosting the study group and providing coaching as we share personal experience and acquired knowledge over the years and from our recent courses with Joette Calabrese on the Banerji Protocols.

Each participant is required to purchase the study group material from Joette’s web site. This will be our guiding material and will also give each of you access to the resources on Joette’s web site including her blog, facebook forum (very helpful to discuss with many people using these principles Joette is teaching), and many articles.

What Does This Study Group Cover?

The core curriculum includes:

  • 173 pages of easy-to-read study material, designed to turn novice beginners into competent, confident homeopathic healers.
  • 15 short, instructional PowerPoint video presentations outlining some fundamental concepts of homeopathy.
  • Discounts on future course purchases.
  • Access to our free online community. There, you’ll find some of the latest research on the benefits of homeopathy and valuable, complimentary downloads.


To review the syllabus click here then scroll down until you see this icon.

Beyond the core curriculum we (Sylvia & Dana) will provide coaching to help you bring this into practical use in your own life.

What Does The Study Group Cost?

The cost of the course book is $58.23 + shipping, purchased thru Joette’s site. In addition, our hosting fee is $50.00. Our hosting fee can be paid by credit card online at: www.paypal.com using our info; treeoflifecenter@roadrunner.com, or paid weekly during the course of study.

Preparing for our study group

First, order your study guide thru Joettes Web site: https://homeopathyworks.infusionsoft.com/app/orderForms/Study-Groups  (order early to allow for shipping and read chapter 1 prior to our first class). Enter your group leader: Dana Tavares, Email: treeoflifecenter@roadrunner.com

  1. After your purchase you will be able to log in to your student resource page:  https://studygroups.joettecalabrese.com/wp-login.php
  2. Send your $50.00 course hosting payment to: Tree of Life Center PO Box 502 Newcastle, Me. 04553, or, credit card online at: www.paypal.com using our info; treeoflifecenter@roadrunner.com, or, pay in weekly payments.

For more information, or to sign up for our next group, contact: Dana @ (207) 563-2737, or Sylvia @ (207) 766-8469, or by email; info@center4wellbeing.com

In Health,

Dana & Sylvia Tavares


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TLC Office Update_March 2020

Tree of Life Center for Wellbeing

Spring Newsletter

Spring has arrived in Maine! The sun strengthens and the ground warms, birds are happy and busy at the feeder. Glad to see the snow and ice leave.

Just a couple things to touch on in this news letter. Please keep a eye out for Sylvia’s spearate post on using Energy Healing with animals. You’ll want to read the testimonial she shares.

Scheduling for Spring and Summer

Online Scheduling has been a great success. Our clients love they can find the time and day they want, and be able to reschedule if necessary, all at their convenience. It’s super easy and quick.

As the season picks up it may become more difficult to find a late afternoon opening in the coming week. Currently some weeks are full while others have several openings. If after work is the only time that works for you it’s best to plan ahead. Or even better, set up a regular schedule so you can count on it when needed. Plus having a regular scheduled massage helps keep you on track and lessens the tension buildup that may be harder to resolve with one session.

Use the scheduling button at the bottom of the page. Save the ling to your phone for reminders or future appointments.

Paraffin Hand Treatments

Sore achey hands from gardening, keyboarding, or arthritis? A paraffin hand treatment may be just the answer to complement your massage. Your hands will thank you.

Now available as a add-on when you schedule your massage appointment.

Special member perc; 1- free paraffin hand treatment. Use as a nice add on during your birthday month? Simply choose as a add-on when you schedule, and be sure to let me know this is your membership gift.

COVID-19 Policy Update

Thankfully Maine, and elsewhere, are seeing COVID-19 infections dropping significantly. Our area is now listed in the low risk category.

I will no longer require a pre-massage COVID check in for existing clients. I still encourage wearing a mask however I will no longer require this if it presents a difficulty for you. I will continue to wear a mask for now, and will always be happy to do so if requested in the future.

We’ve come a long way and have been thru much with this pandemic. When we first reopened after the shutdown in 2020, massage therapist were putting out instruction videos suggesting removing all items that were not disinfectable, including curtains, rugs, and art. It was suggested we mop the floors and wash the walls inbetween each client. I personally invested in over $10k for safety equipment and supplies. Thats a lot of massages to cover. In the end however we wound up with a more suitable and functional office space and a greater appreciaton for being able to continue our work. We have a lot of gratitude that no one got sick with COVID, our family remained safe, and unlike many massage therapist I am still in practice.

Now comes the time to heal from all the stress and anxiety. We are grateful to have the tools and skills to offer.

Our E-Gift Cards are a big hit. This is a easy way to send a special gift of relaxation or therapeutic massage to someone you care about. Gift cards can be use for all kinds of special occasions, to celebrate an achievement, or just to let someone know that you care. Safe, compassionate touch can do wonders. 

Gift card are also available for Allergy Antidotes ™ , Ask & Receive ™, Reiki for people and pets.

Click on the E-Gift Cards button. Select the card you like, select the amount you wish to put on that card, and it sends to your person of choice. That simple!



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TLC Newsletter Energy Healing for Animals 3.21.22

Animals and Energy Healing 

Sylvia M Tavares

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Ask & Receive ™

Healy Frequency Healing

Usui Reiki Teacher/Practitioner

Animals are very receptive and responsive to Energy Healing



Sylvia Tavares: Pet Whisperer


Hello everyone,

As someone who works with energy healing, it can be challenging to describe how I work and what I do. Animals are open and receptive to the healing work I do. I can  communicate with them and send healing using muscle testing and Ask & Receive statements. And they receive the healing that’s needed.

Here’s an example from a kitty, Figgy, who was having a difficult time being afraid and not enjoying his life. After 4 sessions using specific healing modalities to help clear trauma and fear stemming from the trauma, they saw a significant change in Figgy’s ability to relax and feel safe. He’s now asking for food he wouldn’t eat previously.


Begin forwarded message:

Date: March 20, 2022 at 10:05:02 PM EDT
To: sylviatavares502@gmail.com
Subject: Review for Figgy


I am utterly amazed at the difference in my cat Figgy after Sylvia worked on him. Figgy was fearful from the first day we got him 9 months ago. He was so scared of us, of noises, of people. He would hide under furniture for hours. We eventually got him to be comfortable with us but he was still super cautious and not cuddly. He preferred to be on his own in another room or in his cat tree, safely tucked away. Sylvia muscle tested him and found he had birth trauma, fear and terror surrounding that. She also sent him some homeopathic remedy for fright. The change in Figgy was immediate. He slept 5 hours that day! When he woke up he was so calm and relaxed. Not fearful at all. Even the vacuum didn’t scare him into a hiding spot! 3 days later when Sylvia called me to check on him, as soon as he heard her voice, he woke up and looked at me as if to say “Hey, I know her!”. Sylvia is truly gifted and has a very high success rate with her clients, and now a cat client! I will definitely recommend her to other pet owners who have challenges with their pets!


I am happy to discuss how I may help your beloved animal family member using distance Energy Healing skills.  Animals are very receptive, and responsive, and will often show improvements in a very short time. Rescue animals in particular may have a history of trauma from their past experiences that present as behavioral and health issues. the specific Energy Healing tools I use often clears traumas and provides gentle and loving support in the safety and comfort of their home.

Thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to ask any questions.

Please contact me here, through the Tree of Life Center FMI.

Sylvia Tavares

(207) 766-8469 or sylviatavares502@gmail.com


19 Sheepscot Road

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Valentine’s Day Special Offer

Valentine’s Day Special Offer

Special Valentine’s Day Offer

A great gift for your Valentine. 90- minute relaxation massage that includes Hot Stones and a deeply relaxing Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment.



Starting with a gentle exfoliation with salts and oil, your hands will immediatly start to feel better. The deep penetrating heat of the unscented paraffin wax is allowed to settle in during your massage. Your hands are now ready for relaxing massage and gentle stretching. Feel the tension from your body dissapate into the past, leaving you your hands soft and supple. Perfect for the winter cold and dryness. Perfect if you are troubled with arthrits or use your hands extensively.

The special Valentine’s Gift Card price is $115.00 Use the link above. Choose the Valentine card, select the price of $115.00, and send the certificate to your special Valentine.

Once you have your gift card, you may set up your appointment here, or call for more options.

How I Began With Energy Healing

Beginning My Journey with Energy Healing

Sylvia M Tavares

Usui Reiki Teacher/Practitioner

Hello Everyone,

     Welcome to my blog, the 1st of many to come. For the past 30 years or so, I’ve been learning techniques and acquiring tools to help with stress, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, pain and much more. Since we are in such challenging, stressful  times, it’s time for me to share what I’ve learned and how it might help you.

In 1996 I began with Reiki healing, learning from a wonderful teacher who passed on her knowledge to me, her most grateful student. My intuitional healing skills that began there have increased as I’ve worked with myself and others. Self-healing is at the core of the Reiki teachings. As I’ve healed myself, I can also help others. When I was in nursing training, I was not taught self care. It’s wasn’t part of the curriculum, so I did not last long in the profession. Now, I can help myself and others heal body, mind and spirit. I’m able to bring healing energy through me to the client as they are able to receive.

     So, what is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. It is a non intrusive method of hands on healing that taps into the energy known as ki in China and prana in India. As a Reiki practitioner, I am able to bring the life energy through me. The client then receives the healing energy wherever they need, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. Reiki has its own intelligence and goes whereever the client needs it.

     Reiki is not massage, hypnosis, or a tool for diagnosing illness. Reiki is a technique that addresses both chronic and acute conditions, gently and powerfully promoting balance among all the body’s systems.

     If you decide you’d like to try a Reiki session, we can do it in person or at a distance. If you choose in person, it’s good to wear loose, comfortable clothing. You will be lying on a table and fully clothed as I work with you. If it’s more comfortable to be in a chair, we can do your session that way. Reiki can go through casts.

      And you can also receive a healing from a distance, meaning you do not need to come to the office to receive a healing. I can send the healing you need wherever you are.  It’s similar to the idea of prayer. It’s done with intention. I receive the healing energy and send it to you when and where you’d like to receive it. And still it goes where it’s needed. All you need to do is be open, and willing to receive.

      Reiki is being used by a growing number of hospitals all over the world as it complements medical treatment. Animals are very receptive to Reiki healing and respond well. Children also respond positively.  They are open,usually to receiving the loving  & healing energy.

       As a Reiki teaching practitioner, I am able to teach the healing art of Reiki to be able to share this gift with yourself, family and others. It’s one of the many tools I have in my tool box to help alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, ptsd, pain and more.

      This was the first step on my healing journey. In upcoming posts I will be sharing the other energy healing modalities that I use in my practice.

      Thanks for reading my blog. Please feel free to ask any questions.


Yours truly,



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