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We have two exciting new presentations coming up, and a couple of quick messages, that we wish to share with you!


Animal Communication and Healing,  and Health Kinesiology (muscle testing) for health and wellness. See dates and info below.

Allergy Season is Upon Us

An important notice regarding appointments and allergy/cold symptoms from our office.

Sylvia Tavares

Sylvia Tavares

See my upcoming presentations. Holistic Mind/Body for Health and Wellness. Co-owner of the Tree of Life Center for Wellbeing

Animal Communication & Healing


I have discovered in my Holistic Mind/Body work something really exciting and totally fun. Animals are super open to communicating with us and really open to, and wanting, holistic energy healing! Wow, what a discovery. And since I’ve started including this work in my pracitice it’s like a door has opened to the animal kingdom that I never expected. In this process I have been helping pets, and their owners, work thru some important issues that have helped them immensely with health and emotional challenges. 

In this upcoming ZOOM presentation (easy to do in the comfort of your home. you do not need to be a computer geek to easily use ZOOM) I will be discussing my experience working with animals and their exciting stories.

Muscle Testing for Health & Wellness


I began learning muscle testing for health and wellness many years ago from a practitioner of Health Kinesiology. The basis of this work, as is with my core practice, there is a higher self of each of us that has access to information and for the capacity to heal ourselves at the deepest level. It is this same innate wisdom that built us cell by cell to begin with. We have access to this wisdom anytime we wish. One way to accomplish this is by our muscle testing along with specific inquiry. During this process our muscles will reveal, thru strength or weakness, how to proceed.

In this engaging presentation, Sylvia will demonstrate, and teach several different techniques for gaining the information you need to make choices on what is best for our health.

Testimonial from one of my happy cat moms:

” I have a 15 year old cat who was vomiting and losing weight quickly.
I took him to the vet who did a number of tests but everything either came back negative or was a speculative diagnosis.
I contacted Sylvia and she was immediate in her healing protocols, feedback and was caring in asking questions as to how he was doing.
He immediately started to vomit less, eat better and gain weight.
He’s a new kitty. He plays, eats well and the vomiting is almost all a past issue.
Very happy with Sylvia’s commitment to help my guy. Thanks Sylvia”

Allergy Season is Upon Us



Oh that pollen! Sinus congestion, runny nose, headaches, fatigue. Ug. Feels like I’m getting sick, but I know I don’t have a cold.

Exactly. Whether its pollen or a cold, either way your body reacts with the same by initiating immune complexes such as histamines and cytokines. Because these are the very same in either allergy or viral, initially it may be difficult to distinguish between the two. (Usually, any chronic allergy suffer will know in relatively short time which of the two it may be by the path it takes). However in terms of coming in for massage, I ask that anyone experiencing any symptoms at all, please refrain from coming in and reschedule your appointment. 

Meanwhile there are several helpful homeopathic medicines that may help calm the symptoms and bring the flair up to resolution. I’m happy to discuss this in more detail to anyone that wishes to know more.

Please plan ahead for your next massage. The summer season is upon us and my massage schedule fills quickly.