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Hello everyone,

I’ve been wanting to share with you about my work with pets/animals as part of my Alternative mind/body energy healing practice. So far, I’ve been able to help several cats and dogs recover from injuries, allergies, trauma and much more.

Of course, the sessions I do with them is with their permission and openness to receive healing/clearing of energy blocks such as negative emotions. I am able to ask them if they are open to receive healing. The sessions are done through distance healing, so there’s no need to for me to be with them.

My 1st experience of healing using the techniques I’ve learned was with a cat who had been attacked. My friend who lived in Arizona with her cat, El, asked me if I could help him as he’d been attacked and had an open wound on its hip and was terrified. I agreed to try and send healing which was both emotional and physical. After 3 sessions, the wound was almost completely healed over and Els terror was gone.

Shortly after that, a friend asked me if I could help her beautiful, young Maine coon cat with  his fear of being her with husband and son. Figgy would run and hide under the furniture when they came into the room. He even bit her son when he tried to pat him. I wasn’t sure if I could help but after a few sessions, Figgy was jumping up on the bed and sleeping at the foot of the bed. Little by little, he grew more and more comfortable around them and didn’t hide any more. And now he’s a happy part of the family.

After many more experiences with pets, I have been learning how to communicate directly with the dogs and cats I’ve been working with as part of the healing process for both the pet and owner. It’s been amazing to me how much the pets truly love and care for their owners and how open, receptive the animals are and how effective this form of healing truly is.

I am honored to be able to assist in the recovery process with both animals and their owners as is needed in this way. The animal communication piece is a  wonderful new tool and such a loving process of sharing what the pet wants me to relay to their owner.

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