Quick Update from the Tree of Life Center



Memberships are working well for both our clients and our office. I have 3 membership slots remaining. Then there will be a wait list until one opens.


Members who have not yet come in this month, there are three appointments open next week and three the following week before the end of the month. Best to book now before these are filled.


If your membership has lapsed because you didn’t come in last month, you can still renew before the remaining memberships are taken and a wait list is activated. (of course there are exceptions for illness and such).


Let me know if you wish to know more about my membership option. (this will be even more important in the coming future).


Ask & Receive ™


I have been asked many times, just what is it that Sylvia does with Ask & Receive? How can this help me?

The best answer to this is now on our web site from Sylvia herself. Check out our new page on Ask & Receive. Be sure to check out the short video by Sandi Radomski who helped develop this wonderful therapy.



Web Site Update

I have just finished updating our home page. Check it out and let me know what you think.



Online Gift Cards

 Our JaneClinic app now had a new Gift Card option being tested out. This can be accessed directly from our scheduling page. https://treeoflifecenter.janeapp.com/