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Spring Newsletter

Spring has arrived in Maine! The sun strengthens and the ground warms, birds are happy and busy at the feeder. Glad to see the snow and ice leave.

Just a couple things to touch on in this news letter. Please keep a eye out for Sylvia’s spearate post on using Energy Healing with animals. You’ll want to read the testimonial she shares.

Scheduling for Spring and Summer

Online Scheduling has been a great success. Our clients love they can find the time and day they want, and be able to reschedule if necessary, all at their convenience. It’s super easy and quick.

As the season picks up it may become more difficult to find a late afternoon opening in the coming week. Currently some weeks are full while others have several openings. If after work is the only time that works for you it’s best to plan ahead. Or even better, set up a regular schedule so you can count on it when needed. Plus having a regular scheduled massage helps keep you on track and lessens the tension buildup that may be harder to resolve with one session.

Use the scheduling button at the bottom of the page. Save the ling to your phone for reminders or future appointments.

Paraffin Hand Treatments

Sore achey hands from gardening, keyboarding, or arthritis? A paraffin hand treatment may be just the answer to complement your massage. Your hands will thank you.

Now available as a add-on when you schedule your massage appointment.

Special member perc; 1- free paraffin hand treatment. Use as a nice add on during your birthday month? Simply choose as a add-on when you schedule, and be sure to let me know this is your membership gift.

COVID-19 Policy Update

Thankfully Maine, and elsewhere, are seeing COVID-19 infections dropping significantly. Our area is now listed in the low risk category.

I will no longer require a pre-massage COVID check in for existing clients. I still encourage wearing a mask however I will no longer require this if it presents a difficulty for you. I will continue to wear a mask for now, and will always be happy to do so if requested in the future.

We’ve come a long way and have been thru much with this pandemic. When we first reopened after the shutdown in 2020, massage therapist were putting out instruction videos suggesting removing all items that were not disinfectable, including curtains, rugs, and art. It was suggested we mop the floors and wash the walls inbetween each client. I personally invested in over $10k for safety equipment and supplies. Thats a lot of massages to cover. In the end however we wound up with a more suitable and functional office space and a greater appreciaton for being able to continue our work. We have a lot of gratitude that no one got sick with COVID, our family remained safe, and unlike many massage therapist I am still in practice.

Now comes the time to heal from all the stress and anxiety. We are grateful to have the tools and skills to offer.

Our E-Gift Cards are a big hit. This is a easy way to send a special gift of relaxation or therapeutic massage to someone you care about. Gift cards can be use for all kinds of special occasions, to celebrate an achievement, or just to let someone know that you care. Safe, compassionate touch can do wonders. 

Gift card are also available for Allergy Antidotes ™ , Ask & Receive ™, Reiki for people and pets.

Click on the E-Gift Cards button. Select the card you like, select the amount you wish to put on that card, and it sends to your person of choice. That simple!



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