Tree of Life Center for Wellbeing Newsletter Update August 2021

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TLC Covid 19 Update (vaccinations, testing)

Membership (important reminder for members)



TLC Covid 19 Update

I imagine you are watching the news and see that once again Covid 19 infections are increasing in Maine, as elsewhere in the US. This time it’s largely the Delta variant and effecting younger people, especially the very young who are not yet able to get the vaccine. The data from around the Country seems pretty clear, those who’ve had the vaccine are less susceptible to Covid 19 and it’s variants. Although there is a relatively small percentage of “break through infections” meaning infections in those who have had both doses of the vaccine, they are much less likely to get seriously sick or die, or even wind up in the hospital. The disturbing news is however, even vaccinated people who become exposed to the virus can, for a short period of time, be able to transmit the disease. This is compounded by the fact there is often no symptoms in may individuals that would tip them off to the fact they’ve been infected. The potential risk for transmission is higher with these variants as well.

So what does this mean in terms of our office and policies. We are watching this closely, especially the spread in our area. Currently I am seeing new clients, many are from away visiting or have just moved here. I continue to require pre appointment Covid questionnaires completed. Most people I am seeing have completed both vaccines. However with the trend as it is I may have to implement even more precautions to keep everyone safe. This may include proof of vaccination for new clients or pre-appointment Covid testing. I am currently looking into having test kits available at the office that are 97% accurate, easy, comfortable, and only take 15 minutes for results. Currently anyone can purchase these kits at Walgreens. I’ve been using these for myself.

I am seeing the effects of the stress from all this in my clients almost daily. It’s difficult on so many levels for many people. Generally, almost everyone is grateful for the procedure’s I have in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.



TLC membership is turning out to be very popular and utilized. This is terrific as its a Win-Win for all. Priority care, cost savings, priority scheduling and recurring appointments, all appreciated by all. Shortly I will send out invitations to all members for access to my professional grade nutritional-herbal distributor where you, as a member, will have a great discount on hundreds of products including personal care.

Important reminder to all members however, if you haven’t set up recurring monthly appointments, do not wait until the last of the month to try and squeak in your appointment. This time of year, especially this year, is extremely busy and may be difficult to get the time slot you wish, or any time slot at all. Remember, one of the key reasons I established the membership is to prioritize your access to the services you rely on. If my calendar is showing openings, I’m going to fill them because I have to. Membership, when working as intended, prioritizes openings for you. But I need to see this in advance, so please don’t wait until the last week of the month to schedule your appointment and risk losing your membership if you haven’t paid your membership online but rather waiting until you come in.


Frequency Specific Microcurrents (FSM)

As more of my clients are experiencing or learning about¬† FSM the more popular and in demand its becoming. Great news, I’ve purchased a second frequency generator, something I’ve been wanting to do for many months now. This provides more options. First, I can run multiple protocols at once. Some frequencies that are believed to support your body to heal injuries such as disc, ligaments, muscle tissue, fascia, etc. take a significant amount of time running to be effective. Prior to getting the second frequency generator I could only run one set at a time, meaning if I am focusing on pain relief I couldn’t be tying up that generator with potential tissue healing frequencies. Now I can do both. Second, some injury protocols can take more than a hour to run. Now, with a second generator, I can spit the program and run both at once, shortening the time.

The third, and maybe the biggest advantage, I’m planning on setting up my second treatment room as a comfortable space for clients to come for FSM specifically without the expense of manual therapy included. This is especially important for someone in the initial phase of healing that requires 2-3 treatments a week for the first 1-2 weeks. This can make the difference between a faster and more complete recovery. My plan is not to have massage going on at the same time. The client would not need me to be present, but to be available. I would be in the office and ready to assist at any time. I’ll let you know more as the details come together.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying summer in Maine.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

Dana Tavares LMT