Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know our new office is set up and ready to re-open. A important update however. At the last minute I located a even nicer office space than initially planned on . This is a far better suited space, on the first floor, with a separate waiting room and private bathroom!

Our new location is 19 Sheepscott Rd. Newcastle 04555 (less than a tenth of a mile, on the right, off route one near Newcastle Jeep dealership)  https://goo.gl/maps/PpwoXnXofA9R16hv6 

I do not have a sign out yet, but just look for the Lavish hair salon. Our office is on the left side.

One last note. As I detailed in my last post, https://center4wellbeing.com/2020/12/26/tlc-covid19-policy-update-12-26-20/ I will be changing my rate structure as of June 1st. I will be sending this info shortly.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the blossoming of Spring here in Maine! The Alwifes are in here at Damariscotta Mills and the wildlife is out in full force with the excitement this brings. Great place to bring your kids and your camera.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Be Well,