First I want to thank everyone that’s been coming in for massage for your understanding and dedication to remaining safe during this COVID pandemic. We are very fortunate here in Maine to be one of the safest states in the Nation thanks to you and many people like yourself for maintaining CDC recommended safety precautions. Now as we transition into the fall and winter seasons we are faced with the additional risk from being indoors and closed environments. Our perseverance is required now more than ever.


Massage therapy is an essential healthcare service. However, by its very nature, it is one of the most challenging services during these times. A number of massage therapist I know have chosen early retirement or to simply put their practices on hold until the COVID virus is under control. I have resisted closing my practice because I know how important it is to have access to this therapy. Instead, I opted for creating the safest environment possible while retaining the important elements of the practice. I appreciate your cooperation with the pre-massage COVID check in and safety measures. I know it is difficult to maintain such a elevated awareness at all times, but we must continue to do so.


So I humbly ask, when filling in the pre-massage COVID check in online, please don’t just check off the boxes. Please be mindful and use this as a opportunity to give consideration to the questions being asked, for your benefit, and for those following.


By working together, we can maintain a healthy environment for all. If you HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS SUCH AS RUNNY NOSE, COUGH, ELEVATED TEMPERATURE-EVEN IF YOU THINK IT’S JUST ALLERGIES, or if you suspect that you may have been exposed to COVID–19, you should stay home and re-schedule, even if last minute.

Sars COVID 19 is unlike any disease we’ve seen before. The potential symptoms are often overlooked and mistaken for the cold, flu, allergies, or something that may have upset the GI tract, in the early stages. And even more difficult is that a person is contagious several days before any symptoms appear and possibly a extended time after the symptoms are gone. It is not possible to accurately access who is more at risk as even some young healthy individuals with no pre-existing conditions have developed long term complications. At the same time, we can’t just hunker down and hide until this is gone.


What are symptoms? When we are getting sick the symptoms we experience are not the virus, bacteria, allergen, etc., the symptoms are our bodys defenses kicking in to deal with a threat, or in the case of allergies, a perceived threat. Runny nose, fever, loose stools, coughing, fatigue, are all our body trying to deal with it. It is histamines and other immune complexes rushing thru our system and creating the symptoms we are experiencing. So why is it that I am pointing this out? Because with initial onset of symptoms we don’t know what or why. It could be just a allergy response, or it could be a cold, flu, or something else. Usually, as any allergy suffer with attest, there is a recognizable pattern that is all too familiar that clues us in. However it often takes a day or two for this to become clear. In the meanwhile it is reasonable to be cautious and err on the side of safety, especially in this new COVID environment.


I never had allergies or sensitivities until I got much older. It was hard for me previous to this to relate to the allergy sufferer. But as life has a way of humbling us as we age, now I totally get it. So I can sincerely sympathize with my clients who have allergies, who need massage, and are asked to wait until all symptoms have cleared. COVID is shown to present in so many unique ways and the consequences of mistaking symptoms as something benign are so great, that I have to hold firm on this, for everyones benefit. I too have to comply with this. It is difficult for me to clear several days of appointments for people who need help because I myself may have an allergy flair up happening. But this is what I have to do until I can be certain this is not COVID. You would think they would make  COVID testing easier and more accessible for healthcare workers but I have to go thru the same hoops as the general public. So for me it means waiting several days for symptoms to clear or become indisputable to be allergy, or get a COVID test which still takes several days from getting a prescription to getting a determination.


So please do not take the COVID Pre Massage Check in lightly. Use it to examine your current health and lifestyle pattern to help determine any potential risk and if massage is appropriate for you at this time.


I am grateful our locality remains as free of COVID as it has. I am grateful there are no massage offices that I know of that have experienced a problem with COVID. But lets not let our defenses down so we can stay well and keep massage therapy a viable option.


Be Well,




Setting Course For Optimal Health


Dana Tavares LMT, CPT

Tree Of Life Center For Wellbeing

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