Needless to say, these are trying times. It’s a challenge not to be stressed and anxious with the multitude of concerns the COVID19 virus has brought. As holistic healers its difficult for Sylvia & I not to be available for you in our office at a time we are needed the most. So, we are working on ways to help you in the meanwhile. With nearly 20 years of study in the fields of therapeutic nutrition, homeopathy, energy medicine, and therapeutic exercise, combined with today’s technology with video conferencing, we have the ability to reach out and hopefully make a difference. Some of the things we are planning will be free or by donation. Other times, such as one on one virtual sessions or group classes, will be priced affordably. This helps you, and helps us keep our business viable during this time, so we will be there again, when you need us, when this pandemic passes.

Here is some of the things we have in mind (and certainly open to suggestions).

ZOOM group (or private) Ask & Receive™ (energy psychology).

This pandemic is rattling us all on a primordial level. Our survival instincts are on high alert. This is good in the sense it keeps us mindful to do the things we need to do to remain as safe as possible. On the down side the extended duration, day in and day out, of the fight/flight response is that it weakens our immune system, the opposite of what we need at this time.

Some of you already know about the energy physiology techniques that Sylvia and I have been learning over the past year. This is a excellent tool to support a healthy stress response so that we are not internalizing a negative immune or physiological response.

We intend to meet on ZOOM (time and day to be determined) and help guide you thru a short series of energy clearings that may help you offset the palpable fear and anxiety that surrounds us with COVID19 and being apart from friends and family. Ask & Receive™ is intended to support your  mind and body with positive reinforcement of its natural healing and balancing so to help you be stronger and more resilient to this virus. This would take about 15-30 minutes and is something you could continue to use again anytime with yourself and others as needed.

Other Ask & Receive™ teleclearings we would like to do could include stress reduction, tight neck and shoulder release, or any number of issues based on what you need at the time.

Online Homeopathy Study Group

Our Intro To Homeopathy Study Group, based on the workbook from Joette Calabrese, have been well received each of the times we’ve hosted these. This is something we would like to resume via ZOOM conferencing (time and day yet to be chosen).

Homeopathy is a method of natural medicine that has been in use around the world for over the past 200 years. During epidemics homeopathy has out performed any other modality as shown in historical data. Homeopathy is used for everything from the common cold to major disease epidemics, from scrapes and bruises to major injury, surgery, chronic pain, and chronic health conditions. The medicines are extremely affordable, accessible, and easy to use.

At the turn of the 20th century, the United States had hundreds of homeopathic hospitals, teaching universities, and thousands of practicing homeopathaic  MD’s. The advent of modern medicine along with a discrediting propaganda from the pharmaceutical industry as well as the American Medical Association  (in affiliation with the pharmaceutical industry), pushed homeopathy aside and essentially labeled it witchcraft. Homeopathic practicing MD’s, afraid of loosing their license controlled by the AMA, they dropped homeopathic practice in favor of synthetic medicines.

In this current COVID19 crisis we can see the enormous problem with a pandemic virus when it’ll take a year to develop a working vaccine or suitable antiviral drugs. By the time this happens the virus will have mutated sufficiently as not to be affected by any new vaccine. There are currently an estimated 8 strains of the COVID virus circulating, each having various levels of severity with the public. It is important to know the antibodies induced by a vaccine only work if the exposure is a exact match. If there is a mutation to the virus the antibodies won’t be effective.

Homeopathy offers two historically effective methods for supporting the body in the face of such a virus. One way, homeoprophylaxis, may be somewhat similar to a vaccine. A homeopathic nosode (a homeopathic medicine made from the virus) given as a prophylactic has been shown to result in antibodies similar to a vaccine. The second method, and more commonly used, is using common homeopathic remedies based on symptoms thus using remedies that have a history of effectiveness in helping the various symptoms as they develop. The major difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine is that conventional medicine works by suppressing symptoms (makes you feel better) but does nothing to actually bring about a cure. Whereas homeopathic medicines stimulate the bodys innate healing capacity to bring about a complete resolution. So the goal here is as soon as symptoms begin to define themselves, a properly chosen homeopathic remedy will help resolve the issue, or at least shorten the intensity and duration, thus minimizing the chance of the illness moving to the next deeper level, or reducing the intensity or duration should it do so.

People don’t die from the COVID19 virus, they die from the complications arising from it. By supporting your bodys innate healing defenses with homeopathy, herbal medicine, targeted nutritional support, reducing stress and anxiety, and appropriate lifestyle accommodations, we stand a much better chance that if infected, we can keep the virus from progressing to the deeper and more lethal stages.

I want to help make this simple for you. The key thing to know is, when you have the correct remedy for a given situation, the results can be significant. Once you experience this, especially for something longstanding that no other medicine or modality has been able to address, you will have no doubt about its potential. This has been my experience over and over, and what I have read time and time again from case studies I’ve read and experienced. For someone to say homeopathy does not work, they in all due respect, don’t know what they are talking about. Joette Calibrese, who we’ve studied with and use her study guide, is a classically trained homeopath who almost gave up her practice due to the difficulty in effectively using classical homeopathy. That was until she met a group of 4th generation homeopathic MD’s in India who taught her a new way of seeing homeopathy thru their outcome based clinical homeopathy they had developed from seeing over a 1000, yes thats right 1000, patients a day in their medical clinic. Joette has brought this information back and developed a more simplified, understandable, and organized method of using homeopathy for both acute and chronic health support.

Our study groups are a simple and affordable way to learn the history and foundation of homeopathy, along with practical information how to incorporate these wonderful natural remedies for yourself and family. You will learn how and why homeopathy is safe without harmful side effects of common drugs.

To learn more about our upcoming study group CLICK HERE

Important note: Disregard our hosting fee listed on the bulletin. We will be hosting this study group for donation only to help you thru this challenging time! You will still need to purchase the workbook, but you’ll want this for future reference anyway.


Nutritional / Herbal Support 


Using Wellevate from Emerson Ecologics we are able to provide you direct access to our supplier for therapeutic grade vitamins, herbals, nutritionals, homeopathy at a 15% discounted price. This gives you access to items often only available thru practitioners, and at a discounted price. We make a small commission on each sale which helps us maintain our account and goes towards our office expenses (that are difficult to maintain during this shut down period).

There are a number of key vitamins and minerals that have been shown historically to support the immune system during viral threats. Vitamin C, vitamin D3, selenium, Vitamin A, magnesium, and Zinc, are super important for proper immune function. Without adequate levels we are tying one hand behind our back in terms of immune function at a time we need it the most.

Click the following link to see a list of vitamins I routinely rely on for my own immune support. These may be ordered thru our Wellevate supplier at discount (easy to order. see document below)

Cold_Flu_Supplements_TLC_ some of what I use personally for immune support CLICK HERE 

To order thru our Wellevate account to purchase practitioner grade nutritionals, herbals, and homeopathy. CLICK HERE

Or, if you prefer, I can send you a invite directly from Wellevate, and if you wish, send along some recommendations for what you are looking for.

View The Evidence:
905 Abstracts with Vitamin C Research

The following article is directed more towards the health professional, but within it one may see the potential of adequate levels of vitamin c in supporting immune function.

The article contains slides and notes from an exclusive webinar delivered to healthcare professionals on March 25, 2020.  The central message in the presentation emphasized the oral form of ascorbic acid is a redox molecule that cannot be replaced by other antioxidants, perhaps even sodium ascorbate.  The combination of high-dose oral ascorbic acid together with intravenous sodium ascorbate could significantly reduce the exponential increase of COVID-19 patients who require intensive care treatment after infection.

This article also includes a newly released study that identified the exact mechanisms used by SARS-CoV2 to destroy hemoglobin, resulting in cell-free heme that exacerbates ARDS.

That’s it for right now. We hope you are all doing well and being safe. We will get thru this, together. You are important to us. Please feel free to drop us a email or text to let us know how you are doing or connect with us on our Tree of Life Center FaceBook page. Give us some feedback on the post we are sharing regarding health and healing.


If you would like to contribute to the work we do at our office.