I started writing a completely different post yesterday regarding new COVID19 policy at the Tree of life Center and how I planned to continue providing therapy with new protective measures. This has changed. After having in depth discussions within our family we have made the very difficult decision to suspend all appointments at our office until further notice in order to do our part in our community to help curb the rapid progression of the COVID19 virus. (please read below what we can continue to offer as support to you)

I with to express my sincere apology to my clients whom depend on massage therapy I provide. During my research of preventive measures for a office like ours it became apparent there is really no way to fully guarantee safety to our clients. With the infectious nature of the COVID19 virus there is no way to reliably screen clients with possible exposure, even if they have not traveled out of our immediate area or don’t have children traveling to and from college or attending school within our community. Interaction with suppliers, delivery personnel, mail and packages, currency, all are potential risk. And with the intimate work of massage therapy I don’t see any surefire way to guarantee safety to ourselves and our clients regardless of sanitation and screening efforts. So, we’ve decided now, before this hits our area in full force, is the time to do our part in preventing possible spread of this virus. We will remain available via internet to help our clients with educational guidance using homeopathic medicines and Sylvia’s  work with Reiki and Allergy Antidotes / Energy medicine. (see more below for access to a terrific free teleclearing for fear, stress, and anxiety, and supporting your body to defend against this virus).

Note; this is a fast evolving health crisis which has not appeared to affected Maine significantly at this time. However based on historical data on the COVID-19 progression in other states here in the US, we can most certainly expect this to affect the Maine population as well. According to disease experts at the CDC and elsewhere their goal is to blunt the spread of infection though they admit they do not expect to stop it. The main concern is to prevent our medical facilities from being overwhelmed with a sudden surge of patients.

The main characteristics of the COVID19 virus that raises concern for me is the unusual incubation period, how contagious this virus appears to be, and the apparent ability for asymptomatic people to be carrying and spread the virus without knowing it.

I won’t go into detail about the COVID-19 virus, but instead refer you to the Maine CDC web site: https://www.maine.gov/dhhs/mecdc/infectious-disease/epi/airborne/coronavirus.shtml. 

Here are some significant aspects about this virus:

  • aprox 80% of the people infected with have mild or no symptoms. However they can still transmit the disease.
  • COVID-19 appears to be highly contagious
  • Young & healthy people seem to recover the easiest without complications and may present with minimal or no symptoms.
  • People over the age of 60, or people with asthma, copd, heart disease, diminished immune function, and kidney disease are at greatest risk for sever complications.
  • The key symptoms are fever and dry cough.
  • It generally does not significantly affect the upper respiratory system like a cold or typical flu, but instead affects the lower lungs.
  • Secondary complications such as pneumonia often follow with susceptible individuals and results in serious oxygen depletion and infection requiring medical intervention.
  • What makes this virus so difficult is its ability to quickly spread undetected. The incubation period can be anywhere from 3-5 day up to 14 days combined with the high level of contagion with people with little or not symptoms makes this a very serious threat.
  • The clinical spectrum of COVID-19 ranges from mild disease with non-specific signs and symptoms of acute respiratory illness, to severe pneumonia with respiratory failure and septic shock. There have also been reports of asymptomatic infection with COVID-19.  (Maine CDC)

Tree of Life Center. Our top priority is keeping you, ourselves, and our community safe from this virus. We also recognize the importance of our work in our community to provide compassionate therapeutic support for you, which is important during this time of such elevated stress and duress, but feel our decision will be the best for all involved.

Sylvia Tavares is a certified Allergy Antidotes™ practitioner and provides targeted energy healing sessions(available via Skype, Zoom, phone so you can remain in the safety and convenience of your home)

Energy healing therapy is needed now more than ever. Our energetic systems can be in overload, which effects everything that happens in our mind and body. Worry, fear, anxiety, stress, can lower our immune system function and render us more susceptible to this virus and everything else. Sylvia’s energy healing work is very effective at helping your mind/body have a appropriate response instead of internalizing the stress that may manifest in a myriad of symptoms such as stomach pain, headaches, insomnia, pain, etc.

Here is a awesome free energy teleclearing by Sandi Radomski (our founder and teacher of Allergy Antidotes™/Energy psychology). It takes less than ten minutes. You may access this as often as you need. https://vimeo.com/397524945 

Homeopathy. I am not a homeopathic doctor, thus I cannot prescribe any homeopathic medicine or any herbal remedies. However, I have spent the last four years studying (and personally practicing homeopathy for myself and with our family, and have use homeopathy in our family for about 30 years). I have recently been on several webinars, and intently following articles, by several of the worlds foremost authorities on using homeopathy during disease epidemics. Thus, even though Myself and Sylvia are not homeopathic doctors, we continue to provide homeopathic education, helping you to know how to use homeopathy for yourself and family and pointing your towards the resources and education you need to make educated decisions. We will remain available via Skype, Zoom, and phone so you can remain in the safety and convenience of your home. We personally feel homeopathy offers significant support during times like this and has been clearly shown in historical data (because of FDA regulations we cannot say homeopathy prevents or cures any illness.)

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