We are pleased to let you know that Sylvia and I have our certificates of completion for the Allergy Antidotes System™  developed and taught by Sandi Radomski ND, LCSW. We are now using with these highly effective techniques with our clients at a special rate while we complete the requirements for our final certifications.

What is Allergy Antidotes™ and how can it help me?

Allergy Antidotes™ focuses on treating the energy disturbance/s that disrupts and blocks the natural pathways to healing. When the pathway is cleared using one or more proven energy clearing techniques (including low light laser for activating the acupuncture meridian when appropriate) your body is able to resolve the injury or illness using its entire capacity of healing whereas it was not able previously. We often see profound results with a gentle and graceful resolution of the complaints.

Allergy Antidotes™ could be seen as a bridge between Psyconeuroimmunology (medical model, the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body as it relates to health and healing), Energy Healing (such as Reiki or Polarity Therapy), and Meridian Therapy (such as acupuncture and Chinese Medicine).
We know the body has a inherent wisdom and capacity for self-healing and regeneration. It is this same wisdom and capacity that created your body in the first place. It knows how to create and mobilize stem cells, break down-create-repair new tissues, activate and modulate the immune processes, eliminate toxins and waste materials, assimilate oxygen and nutrients and convert these into energy, how to regulate temperature and heart rate, and muscle tone every moment. Every cell of your body is in communication with the brain and every other cell in the body, even when you are sleeping. Nothing short of astonishing.
When all organs and control systems are functioning properly we could say we are in perfect health. When we are sick, have physical or mental symptoms, or pain, the body is telling us there is a disruption in one or more of these systems or pathways. There is something blocking the normal functions. There can be physical blocks, mental / emotional blocks, and / or energetic blocks, the latter not very well understood or recognized in Western Medicine, however has been a key focus in the East for centuries.
Muscle Testing / Kinesiology
To know where to begin, how to proceed, or if there may be underlying issues that need to be cleared first, we use a form of health Kinesiology called muscle testing.
In the 1960’s, Dr. George Goodheart, the first chiropractor on the U.S.
Olympic medical team, discovered that he could distinguish normal and abnormal body functions by testing the strength of specific muscles.  Muscle testing as used in Applied Kinesiology can be very complex.  We will be using a simplified version of muscle testing advocated by Roger Callahan, Ph.D. and John Diamond, M.D.  It is based on the premise that under certain circumstances, the muscle group being tested will hold strong or weak when tested or pushed down by someone else. It is not a function of strength. It is a way to discover if something is good or congruent with one’s body, or if it is bad or incongruent with one’s body.
 Muscle testing is a very efficient tool to identify substances that are
causing allergy-like reactions.  Muscle testing identifies substances that
negatively affect the body’s energy system.  The muscle test clearly identifies to both practitioner and patient, which substances weaken the patient’s body.  The distinction between substances is dramatic and clear cut.

First, lets define "Allergies" as we see it.   Allergy, allergy-like reaction, sensitivity, and energy toxin are used interchangeably. Essentially these words represent anything that weakens our body’s energy system (which in turn present as any range of symptoms, physically, mentally, emotionally).



Allergy AntidotesTM 3 Step Process

1. Assess whether substance sensitivities are a possible cause of symptoms.

2. Identify specific reactive substances.

3. Use energy psychology techniques to reprogram the body to no longer react negatively to the reactive substances.


Dr. Roger Callahan, the founder of Thought Field Therapy, discovered that when certain people are exposed to particular substances they go into psychological reversal and return to their symptoms.  He called these substances energy toxins since they are toxic to or weaken the energy system of the body. Sandi Radomski calls this weakening of the body’s energy system an allergy.  When we refer to allergies, it is, therefore, not in the strict medical definition of allergy involving a histamine reaction (but may present similarly as fatigue, depression, low immune function, sleep issues, body pain, hormone imbalances, etc ).

Dr. Doris Rapp states in her book Allergies and Your Family, “an allergy is an abnormal response to a food, drug or something in our environment which usually does not cause symptoms in most people.”  It is not known why some people develop these abnormal responses and others do not.  Substances that cause allergies are called allergens.  Allergens can run the gamut from non-toxic substances like food or pollen to toxic substances such as petrochemicals or auto exhaust fumes.  The sensitive person reacts to quantities that are harmless to most people.
 In her book Winning the War Against Asthmas and Allergies, Ellen Cutler, D.C. states that in allergic persons the “immune system mistakenly identifies harmless substances as dangerous invaders and activates antibodies to defend the body.”  Dr. Cutler takes the “wider view of an allergy as any negative or abnormal response in the immune system.”  She believes, for instance, that there is no such thing as a simple cold.  Rather, the cold is the response of a compromised immune system, whether from attack by a pollen, food or virus.  Since a virus can also be seen as an allergen, Dr. Cutler treats a cold like an allergy with excellent results.

Dr. Cutler’s conceptual view of an allergy as anything that weakens the immune system allows us to expand our ideas about what is triggering symptoms.  Suddenly, infectants like bacteria, viruses, and parasites, as well as hormones and bodily organs, and injectants such as immunizations become available for our testing and treatment techniques.
 It is important to note the purpose of these Energy Psychology treatments for allergy-like reactions.  As Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. states in his book Energy and Allergy, treatment means that it is the energy disturbance which is being treated, not the psychological or physical symptoms.”  He continues that, “if the energy balance is regained then any symptom which may have developed will now be eliminated by the body itself.”  Therefore it is clear why Energy Psychology techniques work so well with sensitivity reactions.  The reactive substances cause an imbalance in the body’s energy system.  The Energy Psychology treatments balance the body’s energy in relationship to that substance.  As the body’s energy system flows freely again, the symptoms no longer exist. (Allergy Antidotes, Sandi Radomski)

OK, so I've mentioned "Energy Psychology", what is that?

Definition of Energy Psychology: (from ACEP, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)

Energy psychology (EP) is a collection of mind-body approaches for understanding and improving human functioning. EP focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors, and known bioenergy systems (such as meridians and the biofield). These systems and processes exist, and interact, within individuals and between people. They are also influenced by cultural and environmental factors.
Within an EP framework, emotional and physical issues are seen, and treated, as bio-energetic patterns within a mind-body-energy system. The mind and body are thought to be interwoven and interactive within this mind-body-energy system, which involves complex communication involving neurobiological processes, innate electrophysiology, psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), consciousness, and cognitive-behavioral-emotional patterns.

We started the Tree of Life Center almost 20 years ago with our initial work in the field of Energy Healing. Sylvia had  became a teacher level Reiki practitioner several years before. We began with work in energy psychology with Gary Craigs EFT (emotional freedom technique) and soon realized how effective this work is with stress, pain, and trauma and began using it with all sorts of complaints with success.

In conclusion. It's important to see that any symptom can be from substance sensitivities, trauma, and conscious / unconscious beliefs.
Reactions to these can produce a myriad of symptoms including ADD, anxiety, depression, arthritis, respiratory problems, menstrual difficulties, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, brain fog, panic attacks, headaches, weight gain, learning disabilities, hyperactivity and aches and pains. The severity of the symptom runs the gamut from nasal congestion to psychosis. We now have a highly effective, gentle, and respectful way of healing these issues with breakthroughs in this exciting new field of healing.


If you would like to know more or set up a appointment, please call Dana at (207) 563-2737, or Sylvia at (207) 766-8469, or message us thru the Tree of Life Center on Face Book. We can work with you at our office, or via Skype or other online communications at a time that is convenient for you.