To give a truly relaxing massage is an art. To address chronic pain & acute injuries to give a truly effective therapeutic massage is an art. To interweave both (when the conditions warrant) requires skill and experience. From my experience with over 10,000 hands on hours as a licensed massage therapist, I have found that by reducing stress, creating a safe healing environment, respecting and adapting to the clients unique needs and response to therapy, as well as interweaving both relaxing massage & therapeutic massage, is the optimal way to support the innate healing process.

When a person is in pain (emotionally or physically) it affects, not only their body, but their mind and emotions too. The human body is nothing short of a miracle in its ability to heal. All healing comes from within. No doctor, no massage therapist, no medicine or herb, does the healing. Though all these do assist the body in its ability to self heal, it is the innate healing energy that does the healing.

Every day I strive to improve my art and skills. Every client is different and each client may have different needs and goals for each session. The body responds differently at different times depending on what other parameters are involved at that time. To be effective I need to be adaptable, to listen to what I'm being told by the client, and what their body is telling me as I work.

In today’s technical-medical world the patient as a whole (body, mind, & spirit) is often overlooked, however the body doesn’t operate that way. Find how natural therapy may help you feel better and change the course towards optimal health.

Depending on your individual needs we have a broad line of therapy and support available including Reiki, Massage Therapy, Homeopathic education, and Metabolic Typing® , to help you regain and maintain your health, naturally.