½ hr Focused Therapy Sessions

I have always practiced a holistic approach to the work I provide. As such, not only do I look beyond the more obvious area of pain to address the larger issue precipitating the complaint, but I also intentionally include calming massage methods to supplement and support the more intense deep tissue therapy. As my client well know, I work slowly with much focus and intention thereby helping to reduce the discomfort deep tissue therapy can sometimes foster, but to also address the stress that living with chronic pain or healing from a acute injury can bring forth. They both work together, as they should.

The idea behind a ½ hr focused therapy session is to help maintain the progress we make with your regular session and possibly extend the time between your regular sessions without losing ground in the progress we’ve made. These sessions would target your main area of complaint specifically. Unlike a more passive regular session, these targeted sessions would include both passive and active therapy. This means you would be actively working with the therapy that includes assessing range of motion, IASTM, active and passive stretching, focused breathing, neuromuscular (trigger point) therapy, and assessing progress at the end of the session. Depending on the area of complaint and the type of work we are to do, you may be asked to dress in shorts and top so that we are not restricted by draping.


The ½ hr focused sessions will be available from 4-6 pm (or otherwise schedule permitting). The cost is $45.00 and may be included in your insurance if you are currently set up with Dr. Lisa for massage coverage. Although the 1/2hr focused session could be utilized stand alone, I see it best for supporting your regular session.


Please feel free to contact me for more info or to schedule your ½ hr focused therapy.