Spring is finally taking hold as the weather warms, the grass gets greener, new birds are at the feeder, and the garden soil is ready to be worked. Winter in Maine is long and can easily be a time when our body becomes deconditioned as a indoor passive lifestyle settles in. So when the weather warms and we head outside to begin the clean up and prepare the gardens its easy to over work our body in short time.

As any professional athlete will tell you, proper conditioning prior to any event is paramount to top performance and reducing risk of injury that could bench them for the season. As so with those of us emerging from our winter shelter to the great outdoors.

Tight, deconditioned, muscles and joints are prime for overuse injuries in very short time with simple activities like raking leaves, pushing a wheelbarrow, bending over a garden, and climbing ladders.


So how best to prevent excessive soreness, pain, and even injuries that could damper your outdoor enjoyment? For starters sheduling a few massage sessions would be tops of my recommendations as this will help loosen the tight tissues, release adhesions that restrict movement and range of motion, stretch shortened muscle groups, get the oxygen flowing thru all the tissues that bring in nutrients and remove metabolic waste materials. A short, tightened, muscle group is prime for muscle/tendon tears causing reflective spasming, pain, and inflammation. I routinely include hot stones in my deep tissue massage work to help increase blood and oxygen to the muscles and reduce overactive neural input. My regular clients can attest to the value of this in helping to reduce chronic muscle tension and pain.

Secondly, walking is one of the best ways to get your muscles re-toned and ready for use. Getting out, breathing fresh air, walking, all help oxygenate your muscles and tissues. This helps correct acid/alkaline imbalances in the tissues and increases your metabolism, getting you ready for more demanding activity.

So, before you grab that shovel and wheelbarrow, give me a call and set up a massage or two to get your body ready for the activities ahead so you can enjoy yourself without suffering the pains and limitations that could otherwise occur. I'm available 5-6 days a week with a wide selection of hours available for your convience. Call today at (207) 563-2737 to set your appointment.