Why Choose The Tree Of Life Center For Wellbeing

We provide a safe, compassionate, and respectful enviroment for every person to maximize their innate healing potential.

  If you have ♦ acute or chronic muscular or joint pain ♦ elevated stress levels ♦ you wish to enhance your own bodys innate healing abilities by incorporating a natural approach ♦ you want to maintain your good health, flexibility, and pain free movement

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If you want a practitioner who is ♦ experienced ♦ knowledgeable ♦ focused ♦ attentive ♦ who will listen to your needs and clearly explain your options and work with you to meet your goals Then we encourage you to give us a call to discuss how we may help you achieve optimal health and support you along this path.   In today’s technical-medical world the patient as a whole (body, mind, & spirit) is often overlooked, however the body doesn’t operate that way. Find how natural therapy may help you feel better and change the course towards optimal health.

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  Depending on your individual needs we have a broad line of therapy and support available including Reiki, Massage Therapy, Allergy Antidotes™  to help you regain and maintain your health, naturally.               At the Tree Of Life Center for Wellbeing you always get your full hour (or hour and half) on the table! Intake time (typical allowance) is not deducted from your treatment time so you get the very most from your session. Your massage therapy is guaranteed to be of benefit. If you do not feel your session help you, you do not have to pay. That simple.

Why not call today for your appointment?

(207) 563-2737

  Dana M. Tavares LMT, CPT. CMTA Licensed Massage Therapist Certified Personal Trainer Certified Advanced Metabolic Typing ® Ecological Lifestyle Coach Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage ; Relaxation Massage; Hot Stone Massage Natural Health & Lifestyle Support  Strength & Flexibility Training Usui Reiki Sylvia M. Tavares RMT, EFT-ADV Usui Reiki Master Teacher EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Usui Reiki  Pure Haven Essentials Independent Consultant         Education and Resources for Healthy Non-toxic Living

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We are located in the beautiful Mid-coastal area of Maine, however we work with people all over the country via Skype and teleconferencing. If you are planning on visiting our area and would like to schedule a appointment during your vacation please contact us. Whether it is relaxation or relief from strenuous activities, we can help make your vacation a wonderful experience.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to the well-being of our clients and patients by providing therapies, education and support for natural wellness.   Want to reach us, click here for more info.

You may like to know:

I have logged over 10,000 hands-on-hrs over 16 years.

Over 85% of my clients are women

Many of my active clients have been returning for over 5-10 years, some longer.

Some of my clients are a hour drive away and rebook as often as every other week.

A significant number of my clients over the years were planning on surgery before coming for therapy and wound up not needing it after all.

Many of my out of state clients return whenever visiting the area.

Most of my new clients come from personal referrals.